20th July - Summit Bid

Geoff headed up from Camp 3 and 1 a.m. following in the lights and tracks in the crisp snow of a few other climbers. Chris, Zac and Mick V headed out shortly thereafter. The ever upward climbing on the steep snow slope was not overly noticeable as the night progressed. A breeze started but the exercise did not result in it being overly cold.

As light appeared the immensity of the steep slope ahead became apparent. At 5:30 a.m. with the wind increasing and the weather worsening up high Chris, Geoff and Zac turned around at 7400 m. Mick V had turned around earlier at 7200m. All others did as well, except two Hungarians that summitted later in the morning in poor weather.

Geoff and Chris returned disappointed to Camp 2 with Mick V. Zac remained at Camp 3 hoping for another summit bid. Henri, Damien and Cookie moved up the fixed ropes towards Camp 3 to position themselves for a summit bid later that night but due to deteriorating weather Cookie and Damien turned around at 6900m. Henri continued to Camp 3 and then helped Zac carry equipment back to Camp 2 later that afternoon. A helicopter rescued the avalanche injured Japanese climber on Camp 2 on Gasherbrum 2. Mick P climbed from Camp 2 to Camp 3 to position himself for his summit bid later that night.