21 July - Mick P Summit Attempt - Birthday Celebrations

A still night saw Mick P leave for the summit at 10 pm to try to beat a predicted change in the weather. He made good progress to 7700m by 3 am. Whilst resting he dropped his ice axe down the steep slope ending his summit bid. He returned safely to Camp 3 at 7 a.m. in deteriorating conditions.

Meanwhile at Camp2 the other 7 climbers battled a blizzard as they stripped the camp bar one tent and carried huge loads to Camp 1 and then onto Basecamp. Mick P also descended the fixed ropes to Camp 2 where he stayed the night.

Back at Basecamp 7 tired but happy team members celebrated Zac’s birthday with a cake and a bottle of Glenfiddich Whiskey. The first grog tasted by a the team in an alcohol deprived Pakistan.

Zac reported that all climber were now off the mountain.