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26th June Arrive at Basecamp By Zac Zaharias

It rained at our over night stop at overnight stop at Shagharing. At 5 am Micky V., Zac and Geoff sprinted ahead of the porter to select a suitable site at Basecamp.
With 9 expeditions already in situ and more to come space was a premium. The Czech expedition provided the advance party with coffee, ham and cheese a real treat.  read more »

25th June Report by Zac Zaharias

Having survived our first night on the glacier we arose to the now familiar 4am start. There is a sense of urgency as tents are packed away ready for our journey to our next destination. Our progress and programme was modified by the porters so we will not be stopping at Concordia as planned. Instead we have a long day to our next stop.  read more »

24th June 2007 - Report by Zac Zaharias

Today’s report is through the eyes of the EC (expedition chick). This morning we left behind the meadows and flowers of Urdukus and trekked to Gore2 (4300M) along the sea of ice and rubble, that is the mighty Baltoro glacier.

Trekking on the glacier provided much appreciated relief from the dust and the heat of previous days and we were greeted with views of Gasherbrum 4, Masherbrum and a glimpse of Gasherbrum 1.

We are now camped on the rubble of the glacier, you'd be surprised at how comfortable a bit of stone can be when using a full size pillow smuggled from home.

23rd June 2007 - Report by Zac Zaharias

This report is written through the eyes of ordinary folk (ie two trekkers accompanying the climbing group). After a rest day at Paiju, the group set out for Urdukus and ascended 700m over 15 km. It was the first day when altitude was a serious issue (certainly for the trekkers). It is encouraging to record that the climbing group performed strongly today and those who had stomach and other aliments appeared to be on the mend walking on the Baltoro glacier. (Absence of scenery).  read more »

22nd June 2007 - Report by Zac Zaharias

Friday was spent having an easy day playing scrabble, Washing clothes washing bodies and resting in preparation for the long day to Urdukus.

20th June 2007 - Day 1 of Walking Askole to Jula - Report by Zac Zaharias

Finally we are on our feet and trekking towards our destination and leaving the butt numbing buses and jaw crunching jeeps and heading into the hills. Twelve went forward but after a porter bought a message an hour and a half into the trek, a valiant trio returned to Askole (Mick Cookie and Henry) to sort out a rather overweight barrel and in the process make the six hour trek into a nine hour horror show.  read more »

19th June Zac Reports from Askole

Today we jack hammered our way from Skardu to Askole along a road that was rougher than Tommy Lee Jones face, bouncier than a Hollywood starlet and dustier than an indigenous reconciliation file.

In Askole we collected our kidneys from the floor of the jeep and setup camp. In a generous act of solidarity with the other gastroenterologically challenged members the doctor succumbed to a fever. The more able bodies spent the remainder of the afternoon organising the porter loads Karin the cook impressed with his first meal.

Monday 18 Jun 07

The morning was spent packing and repacking gear into 25 kg loads. By mid afternoon, all the gear had been loaded onto jeeps for the 7 hr overnight drive to Askole. The team's planned departure is at 5 am tomorrow.
The K2 Hotel where we are staying, overlooks a wide river valley. It is the jumping off point for most international expeditions to the Baltoro Glacier. We will be walking side by side with a German/Austrian expedition that includes the top female 8000 metre climber, Gerlinde Hulterbrunner.  read more »

Sun 17 Jun 07

Another early departure from Chilas at 5.30 am for Skardu. We caught a glimpse of Nanga Parbat, the 9th highest mountain in the world through the monsoonal cloud. The KKH carves its way around Nanga Parbat with Chilas being the traditional jumping off point for expedition to the Diamir Face.  read more »

Sat 16 Jun 07

It was a 5.30 am departure for the team from the hotel for the 14 hour drive to Chilas, along the Karakoram Highway (KKH). Luckily rain and cool weather made the bone jarring journey more bearable. As the day progressed, the journey took us through an increasingly, dry, barren and inhospitable desert. The KKH is truly an amazing engineering feat, carved out of cliff faces thousands of metres high as it snakes its way to Gilgit and Skardu just above the valley floor.
We arrived in Chilas at around 8pm, a welcome stop after a long day.

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