Chris Warner

Climbing became an important part of my life from a young age and has given me my most rewarding experiences. I’m drawn to all styles of climbing especially first ascents and look forward to the many more good lines to discover. I’ve also spent time exploring other interests and wandered around in the Great Sandy Desert on foot in search of the coast and twice peddled across Australia by myself, travelling from Perth to Sydney in 18 days. The longer and harder an adventure appears the more pleasure there seems to be. · 1997 - Climbed throughout New Zealand. Summited Mt Cook, Mt Dixon, Mt
Aspiring and many others.

· 1998 - Alpine big walls in the Ak-Su valley in Kyrgyzstan. Climbed on several of the
towers in this valley.
· 1998 - Climbed through Europe and the USA climbing on both rock and ice.
· 1999/2000 - Climbed through Europe, USA, Mexico and Morocco, climbing on both
rock and ice.
· 2001 - Climbed in New Zealand summating several peaks in the Mt Cook area.
· 2003 - Climbed in the USA and in Korea.
· 2004 - Cho Oyu (8200m) Expedition, reached the summit plateau at 8100m
· - Yosemite Valley, USA several ascents
· Over 100 first ascents of climbs in Australia spread over many years


Its raining and your tanks are filling!

Tony Warner