Damien Gildea

I've spent much of the last 15 years climbing all over the world, but the last seven summers have been spent in Antarctica. Originally I worked as a guide there, but now I get to combine my love of exploratory mountaineering and first ascents with my passion for information about mountains and climbing, which has led to the production of two topographical maps and many journal articles. In between all that, when not ranting about social issues, going to the pub with friends or avoiding training, I still try to get away from my home in Goulburn (NSW) for expeditions to lesser-known peaks in the Himalaya and Karakoram, and for some beer, pizza and ice-climbing in places like Canada, Italy and New Zealand.

· 1995 - Bubuliomoting (6000m), Hunza, Pakistan. To 4700m via NW face.
· 1996 - Langtang Valley, Nepal. Reached 5300m.
· 1997 - Mt Toubkal (4135m), Atlas Mts, Morrocco.
· 1997 - NZ - south face of Mt Dark, Ben Ohau Range, solo new route in winter.
· 1998 - exploratory climbing to 4750m NW Yunnan province, China.
· 1999 - 4 x 6000m peaks Cordillera Real, Bolivia - reached 6550m 2000 - Denali
(6194m) - Antarctica - co-guided on 1,100km/60-day sledging journey to South Pole.
· 2001 - Antarctic Peninsula - guided several small peaks.
· 2001 - NZ winter climbing, Fox Neve, ascents of Mt Haidinger & Lendenfeld Peak.
· 2001 – Mt Vinson (4892m), Antarctica.
· 2001 - Passu Sar (7480m), Hunza, Pakistan - reached 5000m.
· 2002 - exploratory climbing in NW Yunnan province, China.
· 2002 - Mt Shinn (4660m) - 3rd highest in Antarctica.
· 2003 - Mt Friesland (1700m), highest mountain on Livingston Island, Antarctica.
· 2004 - NZ winter ice climbing Ben Ohau Range.
· 2004 - Vinson (4892m), Antarctica.
· 2005 - Kula Kangri (7540m), Tibet - reached 6200m plus attempt to 6300m on
· 2005-06 - Mt Craddock (4368m), 6th ascent Mt Gardner (4573m), attempt on Mt
Tyree (4852m), Antarctica.
· 2006 - Aconcagua (6956m), Argentina.
· 2006-07 - Mt Atkinson, Mt Slaughter, Vinson solo new route, Mt Bentley (4137m),
first ascent Mt Anderson (4144m), Antarctica.