Dr James Strohfeldt

James with one of his two greatest accomplishments.I am the expedition surgeon, reiki practitioner and dream analyst, consultation hours 5 to 5.10pm daily. At all other times I will be climbing or blissing out in the space and simplicity that makes climbing trips so cool. I like the following- Krista, Kashi and Liesl (the females in my life), the Alaska range (special light), France (how western culture looks when it gets it right), building houses, Buddhism (or any other exposition of the truth of things) and patients with the courage to change. I dislike most TV (especially the reality kind), lack of compassion, the hegemony of science and rampant materialism. I am closest to myself in the mountains, tuning in to the terrain and the weather and slowing down to the speed of nature- that's why I go climbing.

· 1985 - El Capitan(The Nose), Leaning tower. Yosemite, California, USA
· 1985 Chulu Peak, Pisang Peak, Nepal.
· 1985 - Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance: Certificate Level II.
· 1986 - Kanchenjunga- reached 8000m, India.
· 1986 - Mt Aspiring SW ridge, solo, NZ.
· 1987 - Denali, Alaska- west ridge.
· 1988 - Everest- reached south col, Nepal.
· 1989 - Brammah II, Kishtwar Himal, India.
· 1991 - Denali- 3 ascents incl. Messner Couloir, Cassin Ridge, Alaska.
· 1993 - Dhaulagiri I - reached approx 7800m, Nepal.
· 1995 - Avalanche course, University of Otago, NZ.
· 1996-2001 Commercial Guide for 4 ascents of Nepalese trekking peaks (Mera,
· 2003-2006 - Ascents of Mt Blanc, Matterhorn and other European 4000m peaks.

Greetings from St Albans for James Strohfeldt

Message for James Strohfeldt.

Hi James,

Greetings from sunny St Albans. I returned to the UK on Saturday night from 2 weeks wandering around in Sri Lanka: enjoying a friend's suit, sari and Moet bedazzling wedding; exploring Colombo; jogging around the Sri Lanka Cricket Club; lots of police, army road blocks and sub-machine guns (more wars); visiting Buddhist archeological sites; Buddha's wisdom tooth in Kandy (the place not the sweet); Ayurvedic massage; riding kamakazi green and red Bajaj; curries of various flavours and intensity; tea gardens; nights in an old Hill Club; rickety trains hanging close to the side of jungle festooned cliffs; gin and tonic watching the sunset at Mt Lovinia beach; wild elephants; baked temples; cycling amongst the ruins; etc etc

According to your itinerary you should be leaving the vehicles and starting the trekking today (or soon). It must be wonderful to smell the mountain air, feel the wild earth under your feet; and to see the peaks and leave the troughs behind (emotional and physical).

I hope that this message reaches you. Climb with passion and clarity.

Love and thoughts.


P.S. I lost an earlier version of this email so sorry if you receive two, slightly different versions