Henri Laursen

In the quest for fame and fortune I tried numerous sporting pursuits. Alas I was forced to accept the inevitable and resign myself to the fact I was dreadful at anything that involved a ball, bat, racket or pretty much anything at all. Feeling left on the fringe I took up caving. I graduated from dark, muddy holes to the sun-soaked sandstone crags of the Blue Mountains. Ah I found a place where my mind and heart were free. Just as I was thinking it could not get much better, a good friend showed me the book ‘White Limbo’. The photos within the covers were, to say the least, inspirational. Adventure, freedom, excitement, discovery: I wanted it all.

Now after many many climbs and journeys I am still not famous and have disposed of a substantial fortune. The big mountains are such a beautiful place to be; magnificent panoramas, soaring skylines, white cold wonderlands. I cannot begin to describe the way it makes me feel inside; needless to say it is where I prefer to be. It is not about a narcissistic promotion of one’s self, it is about feeling alive as a fragile human being in an immensely powerful environment, and sharing that with like minded persons.

· 1992 - Ramdung Go (5925m), Nepal.
· 1994 - Elbrus (5,642m), Russia.
· 1995 - Technical Mountaineering Course in French Alps.
· 1996 - Pik of Four (6229m) and Pik Korzhenevskoi (7105m), Tajikistan.
· 1997 - Dhaulagiri 1 (8167m), Nepal. Gained height of (7867m).
· 1998 - Mt Denali Alaska (6192m), Alaska.
· 1999 - Shishapangma (8013m), Tibet.
· 2000 - Cho Oyu (8201m), Tibet.
· 2001 - Everest (8850m) via NE Ridge, Tibet.
· 2002 - Manaslu (8156m), Nepal.